Tuesday, July 21, 2015


How could anyone resist those faces? Apparently, no one, once a picture of hugging dogs Kala and Keira were posted on Facebook with a plea to save their lives.
 It only took two hours for someone to rescue the dogs, who were in a shelter but couldn’t find anyone to adopt them, Angels Among Us Pet Rescue in Atlanta posted on Facebook.
The post of the hugging dogs — a black-and-white boxer mix (Keira) and Kala, the puppy-faced brown pooch desperately clinging to the other’s neck — went online Monday. The pet rescue was desperate to get them adopted, as both were scheduled to be euthanized within hours, People added.
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We have 4 rescue dogs at our home, all from the street where they were abandoned by their owners, so it is good to see the dogs being rescued and into, hopefully, loving homes.

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