Thursday, July 16, 2015

Time For Tiger Woods To Retire

Tiger Woods just keeps embarrassing himself.
Today, at the British Open, a tournament he has won 3 times, he shot an opening round of +4.  While that is a good score for the average duffer who plays gold 1-2 times a month, as a professional golfer, it is a disaster.
Dustin Johnson leads the British Open with a score of -7, which means Woods is 11 strokes behind Johnson.  Currently, Woods is in 143rd place and is ahead of only 9 other players, with 156 players entered.
Ever since his former wife found out what a cheater he was and attacked him with a golf club, Woods has lost his way on the golf course.  He has not won a major tournament(British, PGA, Masters and U.S. Open) since 2008 and these are the tournaments he lives for.
It's time for Woods to retire from golf with what little golfing respect he has left.

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