Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shooting At Naval Building In Chattanooga Update: 4 Marines Killed

From the Chattanooga Free Times Press: Four soldiers were killed in two attacks on military centers in separate parts of Chattanooga by a unknown gunman, leading to lockdowns at local hospitals as well as the Army Recruiting Center on Lee highway as well as the Naval and Marine Reserve Center at the Chattanooga Riverpark, where shots were fired. 
Four marines were killed and one police officer were shot in the attacks, according to multiple sources. 
One shooter is dead, according to reports, and police say this is no longer an active shooting situation. 
Witnesses at both sites reported hearing multiple gunshots in each case, with the bulk of the firing happing at the Amnicola Highway location. Shortly after the shooting, blue markers littered the ground outside the recruiting station on Lee Highway where shots were fired, and police completely blocked off Amnicola Highway to traffic. 
There has been a shooting at a Naval recruitment building in Chattanooga, TN.
There are not many details, but listening to scanner traffic, they are sending rehab units to the scene via the fire departments.
Chattanooga Police and emergency vehicles flocked to Amnicola Highway around 11 a.m. after reports of an "active shooter."  A police officer has been reported shot. 
A 911 call said there were "shots fired," and bystanders reported hearing multiple shots.
Mayor Andy Berke said one police officer and a shooting suspect were down.  Mayor Berke tweeted "Horrific incident in our community. We will release details as they are confirmed. Prayers to all those affected."
Numerous ambulances and emergency vehicles went to the scene.   Additional ambulances were still going to the scene as late as 11:40 a.m.
Chattanooga State Community College nearby was on lockdown.
Amnicola Highway was blocked in both directions.

Numerous schools, a hospital and many businesses are on lock down.
The local TV station stated that the Navy said the shooting was at one of it's recruiting buildings but not sure if it was directly in their office.
The FBI is already involved, leading me and only me, to think this may be an act of terrorism.
Update: The Chattanooga fire department just ordered all their fire stations to close their doors and lock all the entrances.
This tells me that there is stilla  shooter out there.
Also, the entrances to Erlanger Hospital, near the shooting scene are being guarded by heavily armed police offers.
Update: Fox News is reporting that there are 2 shooting locations, possibly both at military installations/recruiting centers.
The cops might be looking for a white male driving a silver Mustang.
Many State government buildings in Nashville have also been placed on lockdown.
Update The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports that 4 Naval recruiters and 1 officer has been shot.
"I just heard all the shooting," said Fred Wright, a counter salesman at Carquest Auto Parts downhill from the US Army Recruiting Office at the U.S. Army Recruiting Office at 6219 Lee Hwy.
Then Wright saw recruiting office personnel come running.
"All of them starting running through the brush and the briars," Wright said. "One of them was yelling, 'Call 911, someone's shooting at us.'"
"Three of them came in here, and we called 911," Wright said.
Some reports now say that the shooter is dead and that there is no active shooter.  Hopefully that is true but just a few minutes ago, all Chattanooga fire stations were told to lock their doors and close all bay doors.
WRCB reports the police officer shot is in stable condition.
The local blood bank is putting out requests for emergency blood donations.
Picture outside Naval recruitment center:  There are about 15 bullet casings on the ground.

Fox News reports the shooter is dead.
Fox News just reported that the 4 Marines who were shot have now died.
RIP to the Marines and prayers to the families, friends and for the Marine corp.
I will update as needed.

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