Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Presidential Candidates In 1 Sentence Or Less

Well, most of the likely 2016 presidential candidates have either entered the race or are about to.
Here are my humble opinions about each candidate in 1 sentence or less.
Mind you, I am just an average guy, so these are my honest opinions and are not influenced by anything other than what I have read about each candidate.
From the GOP Side and in no particular order:
Jeb Bush: Oh my no, not another Bush.
Dr. Ben Carson: Good conservative but too radical on some issues to win.
:  4 years too late
: Good conservative but not popular enough nationwide
: Can't get over the fact she was fired from Hewlett-Packard.
:  In it for his ego
:  Apparently, didn't get the message 8 years ago when he didn't win the GOP nomination for president
: Great views and a governor but country will not vote for an Indian (Asian- not Native American) president
: A RINO running as a conservative
: Why?
:  Will as successful as his dad.
: Might have been a great candidate except for the trumped up charges made by the Democrats.
: Young with good looks (just like me), Hispanic- great Vice President material
: Trying to sell a book otherwise, why?
: Won't win but will drive the conversations and issues.
: Best chance to win in 2016- knows how to beat Democrats and already has the thick skin.
: Bad looks and why, except to feed his ego.
: Scandal, scandal, scandal and press will turn on her.
: Should be doing better
: Put a clown nose on him and he will look like the clown that he really is.
: Democrat wild card and Hillary should be more scared of him more than Sanders
Joe Biden: Will fail because of 1 word: Obama.
So, here are my feelings on the 22 leading candidates for the democrats and Republican parties.
My dream ticket for the GOP would be Scott walker playing the president with Marco Rubio as his faithful sidekick.
I also don't see Hillary winning the democratic primary and then there will be a huge race to see who will take her place.  If she does make it htrough the primaries, I feel she will be too damaged to win in the 2016 election.

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  1. Dan, I ran with your idea on my blog, though I didn't limit myself to one sentence. Thanks for the inspiration, here's a link.