Thursday, July 9, 2015

Why In The First Place??

From the NY Daily News: What a weight off her chest!
A Las Vegas woman with 30-pound breast implants underwent a "nearly impossible" surgery to remove the back-breaking “bowling ball boobs” on E!'s "Botched" after multiple doctors told her she was beyond saving.
"I feel like a walking boob, and it is killing me inside because I know I am so much better than that," a desperate Dee Stein tells doctors on Sunday's episode of the reality series.
The 53-year-old mother and former dancer has been living with the massive silicone and saline implants for 20 years, saying she felt pressured by the industry to increase her bust.
"The bigger, the better in this business," she says.
But the saline ruptured in her left breast, causing it to deflate as the right one walloped to the size of a bowling ball.
"I've been told that I probably can't be fixed," Stein says, while fighting tears. 
"I totally feel like I don't have anybody else to turn to at this point,” she says. “I'd risk my life for it at this point because I'm so uncomfortable. I'm in a lot of pain."
The breast-reduction surgery would be life-threatening and the "most difficult, scariest, challenging, nearly impossible" task in plastic surgery history, Dr. Terry Dubrow says before agreeing to operate.
A woman with 30-pound breast implants underwent an "impossible" surgery to remove the “bowling ball boobs” on E!'s "Botched."
Sorry but bigger is not better, even for a stripper/slut.
I would be curious to see what kind of back injuries she has.

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