Thursday, July 9, 2015

He's Back, And That's Not A Good Thing

From the LVRJ:
Former Democratic Nevada Assembly Speaker John Oceguera is running for Republican U.S. Rep. Cresent Hardy’s seat.
Oceguera emailed supporters on Thursday, telling them he’s running for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District.
Oceguera was elected as a state legislator in 2000, serving until reaching term limits in 2012. He also has had a career as a North Las Vegas firefighter and was an assistant chief when he retired in 2011.
“Serving Nevada families has not only been my career, it’s my passion,” Oceguera said in an email to supporters Thursday morning. “It’s why I served as a firefighter and paramedic in North Las Vegas for 20 years, took on the tough fights as Speaker in the Nevada State Assembly, and brought people together in Carson City to make life better for Nevada families. And it’s why I know I can do a better job in Congress than Cresent Hardy.”
Hardy, also a former assemblyman, is in his first term in Congress. A Hardy campaign spokesman declined comment, saying its policy isn’t to comment each time a candidate enters the race. Hardy won the 2014 election, beating Democratic incumbent U.S. Rep. Steven Horseford.
Oceguera is a senior vice president at Strategies 360, overseeing its Nevada branch. The company does public policy and lobbying work. Oceguera, a registered lobbyist, represented seven different clients during the 2015 state legislative session, including the Nevada Mortgage Lending Association and the Coalition of Appraisers in Nevada.
He ran unsuccessfully in 2012 for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District seat, losing to incumbent Rep. Joe Heck, R-Nev.
Oceguera will face other Democrats in the primary election, including former Assemblywoman Lucy Flores and state Sen. Ruben Kihuen. Las Vegas philanthropist and Democrat Susie Lee is also running.
Normally I could care less about a House race so far from the election, but Oceguera is a very bad person.
He used to be a firefighter for the City of north Las Vegas and his main fault, besides being an out of touch union liberal thug is that he ripped of his firefighting brethren by having them work shifts for him and then he refused to return the favor for them.
From a post I had written earlier: Worse yet is that Oceguera abused his fellow firefighters and payroll by promising to work another firefighter's shift after they had worked for him. From another Nevada Journal article: During the 2001 session — his first session in the Legislature — Oceguera had arranged with other firemen to trade shifts to cover over 92 percent of the time he was in Carson City. At the end of the session, having paid his co-workers back 48 hours working Sundays, he still owed them 912 hours. During the rest of the year, he paid back 222.
In 2002, say departmental records, he paid back another 352 hours but used another 190 in additional shift trades. He thus ended the year with a 528-hour shift-trade deficit.
Beginning with the 2003 Legislature, Oceguera changed his strategy, the records suggest. During the subsequent regular session and two special sessions, he cut his use of shift trades in half, to 480, and was reported as working more Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays back in North Las Vegas. He also used 175 hours of annual leave and 96 hours of holiday leave. Finally, for 240 hours, according to the department staffing roster, he simply went without pay.
I really, really hope he wins the primary election because Hardy will kick his butt from Vegas to Mesquite and all over the 4th District.

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