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The Once Proud FDNY Being Destroyed By Liberals

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When you hear the initials FDNY (Fire Department Of New York or the New York City Fire Department), you think of the world best, the worlds bravest fire department and firefighters.
From 9-11 where they lost 343 firefighters that day and many more from 9-11 illnesses, the busiest to heroic rescues, to some of the most innovative equipment and strategies, to the most physically fit firefighters in the world.
Except now, the new firefighters are now allowed to fail the physical part of training and still become a firefighter.
From Fire rescue 1: An FDNY recruit is getting a third chance to pass the training academy after collecting over $81,000 for a year in desk jobs.
NY Post reported that Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder, 39, failed midway through a fire academy class in 2013 and returned to her former job as an EMT. She entered another class in 2014, but dropped out due to an injury. FDNY kept her on the payroll and she made $81,376 last year — about $26,000 more than what she made as an EMT and well more than the $39,370 starting firefighters earn.
"She was qualified as an EMT. She should have been serving the public while waiting for the next probie class, but was paid as a full-time firefighter to do office work and train on the payroll," a high-ranking source told the Post.
A classmate called Doirin-Holder "the most pathetic specimen of physical fitness I've ever seen," saying she failed to run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes, stopped to walk and got winded walking up stairs, according to the report.
Doirin-Holder declined to comment, referring questions to the FDNY.
"We don't discuss individuals or individual cases while in the academy," said spokesman Jim Long.
Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro confirmed in a letter to firefighter union president Steve Cassidy that probationary firefighters no longer have to pass the FST if they do well on academics and practical skills or individual tasks. Also, they can demonstrate adequate aerobic capacity on a Stairmaster machine if they fail the 1.5 mile run, Nigro said.
At the average age of a middle age dinosaur, with back, knee and other physical aliments, I probably run the 1.5 miles in under 12 minutes.  That pace is about 9 minutes a mile, which is a fast walking pace.
And when she failed this part of the test, she was able to land a desk job instead of going back to being an EMT and working on the ambulances and on to p of that, get a whole lot of overtime pay and make $81,000+ for the year, much more than the rookies or probies got, and they got through the fire academy, which is probably the toughest fire academy in the world.
And the reason why the FDNY is being ripped apart?
First, some liberal judges have decided that the FDNY discriminated against women and minorities based on the FDNY and ordered the FDNY to offer jobs to minority men and women and redo the testing procedures.
However, when ultra liberal Bill de Blasio was elected mayor, he refused to appeal the judge's rulings and he ordered the Fire commissioner/chief to dummy down firefighter requirements for those who tested and those who may be accepted to the fire academy.
So far, there have been a handful of minority women who have not passed the physical requirements of the fire academy but were accepted as firefighters nonetheless.
Not only is this moronic and dummy's down firefighting requirements needed to work on the busiest fire department in the world, they also put their fellow firefighters at risk and it becomes a life and death situation.
For instance, if a firefighter is trapped in a fire, how is a firefighter who is unable to run a slow mile and a half without almost collapsing be able to throw the injured firefighter over their shoulder and carry them out of the burning structure?
As an aside, is doing a walk/run on Stairmaster the same as actually doing some running or actually walking up 45 stories of a NYC high-rise?
Of course not and it shows just how moronic the upper echelon of the FDNY the mayor's office has become.
Or is they are not strong enough, can they carry 100 pounds of equipment into a fire or will they have to depend on their partner to carry their own equipment along with some of the out of shape firefighter's equipment.
So, once again, we see liberals trying to destroy a proud organization so that they can pat themselves on the shoulder and say what a good person they are, when in reality, they are putting other people in a life or death situations when it just so they can look good.
Which is a better indicator of how good a shape a person is by using this:
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or climbing this:
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