Sunday, July 5, 2015

Riots At Kingman Prison

This past week, there have numerous riots at a medium security prison, which is also privately owned.
From Arizona Central: A private prison near Kingman that was rocked with rioting during the July 4th weekend, appeared under control Sunday, after the Arizona Department of Corrections was forced to bring in 96 members of its special tactical support unit to help quell the disturbances.
State correctional employees, donned in military fatigues and carrying rifles, tear-gas equipment and batons, were seen Sunday morning leaving and going into the prison operated by Utah-based Management & Training Corp.
The special unit was brought to the facility to restore order, following a series of disturbances that began last week, Andrew Wilder, a Department of Corrections spokesman, said Sunday. A day earlier local law enforcement officers were called to the scene to guard the perimeter to insure there were no escapes.
It's likely that more inmates will need to be removed from the prison because of damage inmates caused in the medium-security facility, Wilder said. Previously he said at least 700 inmates would be removed and transferred to other locations, including state prisons, county jails and other private prisons. It's possible inmates could be sent out of state, he added.
Problems began July 2 in the medium-security Hualapai Unit of the Arizona State Prison Complex-Kingman, MTC, when inmates were "non-compliant and caused significant damage" in two housing areas, MTC said in a statement released Sunday.
Nine staff members and seven inmates have been hurt since troubles began Wednesday, Wilder said.
I live in Kingman, so this is pretty close to home.
Based on the comments, these fool inmates burned down the kitchen and now they are complaining they are getting sack lunches with lots of bologna sandwiches.
Poor babies.  If you burn down the kitchen, what did you expect?  McDonalds?  Pizzas from Pizza Hut or Dominoes?
And the family members of the thugs are complaining that some of these thugs will be sent away from Kingman and some might actually go out of state.
Again, too bad- burn down your home and what did you expect?  A room at the Kingman Holiday Inn?
Right now, in Kingman, the highs are about 100 during the day and mid 60's at night.   Perfect weather for camping, prison style.  If Sheriff Joe can have a tent city prison in Phoenix, where it is 20 degrees hotter during the day and night, they certainly can do the same in Kingman.
And if they don't like it, too bad, don't destroy your home.
And these thugs should all go to maximum security prisons- they blew their chance at a prison with a few more amenities than maximum security.
The stupidest comment from the article is from kind of female thug who said that her husband, boyfriend and brother were all at the same prison and had complaints.
Seriously?  I don't know anybody who is in prison and this wench has a husband, boyfriend and brother all in the same prison.
So, to the thugs who at the prison, too bad you have to move out of your home and are getting sack lunches.  Deal with it because you are not going to get any sympathy from the vast majority of people.

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  1. The windows of the prison unit you write of were broken from the outside by the swat team, not from the inside by prisoners.

    Conditions at the prison are so bad ( broken air conditioning and disgusting "food") that inmates started a hunger strike.

    Not everything in the paper regarding the riot is true.