Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pathetic Attendance At Women's World Cup

The 2015 Women's FIFA World Cup in Canada has been a dismal failure attendance wise.
Here is a picture of today's semi-final that was held in Edmonton, Alberta:
About half the stadium was empty for a semi-final game.  It looks like yesterday's game, U.S. vs Germany, was close to a shut out but not quite.
I'm pretty sure that the Canadian football team, the Edmonton Eskimos, draws better than this.
If the game was held at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, which holds about 60,000, then maybe there were 35,000 people for this semi-final World Cup game.
And that is just pathetic.
And speaking of pathetic, the background sound on Fox Sport 1was horrible because all you could hear were the Japanese players and coaches yelling.  It sounded like a horde of Minnie Mouse's high on helium.

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