Tuesday, July 14, 2015

You know The Iran-US Nuclear Deal Is Bad When...

When Israel and Saudi Arabia say it's a bad deal and Syria says it's a great thing.
From the Telegraph-U.K.: The nuclear deal with Iran caused fury in Israel and consternation around the region at the likely increase in influence and resources of a newly enriched Iran.
Most telling was the loudest expression of support. "I am happy that the Islamic Republic of Iran has achieved a great victory by reaching an agreement," President Bashar al-Assad of Syria said in a message to his Iranian opposite number, Hassan Rouhani.
"In the name of the Syrian people, I congratulate you and the people of Iran on this historic achievement."
Israel and the Sunni Arab world have set aside old grievances to stand together against the West’s engagement with Iran.
The more strident denunciations came from Israel, which regards Iran as a direct threat. Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, said the country would not be bound by what he called a "stunning historic mistake".
"Israel is not bound by this deal with Iran," he said in a televised address hours after the conclusion of the accord. "Iran continues to seek our destruction and we will defend ourselves."...
Saudi Arabia regards Shia Iran as a competitor for leadership in the Muslim world, and sees its hand behind many of the region’s conflicts. The two are supporting opposite sides in wars in Syria and Yemen, while Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies fear Iran’s influence among their own Shia populations.
This deal is bad and Obama and Kerry, the Neville Chamberlain's of the world, know it and they just don't care.  All this deal is, is a pretend Obama legacy, but the legacy will actually be a horrible legacy, just like Obama's presidency.

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