Monday, July 27, 2015

Can The Police Ever Be Able To Do Their Job Again Without Fear Of Thugs?

This is just getting stupid.
From the NY Daily News: Police arresting a 25-year-old man who refused to leave a Brooklyn Target punched the man as they pinned him to the ground, a video posted online shows.
As four officers pin the squirming Alando Brissett down on the floor of the Flatlands store, a male and female officer punched him in the back several times, the tense 14-minute video shows.
“Stop f---ing hitting him,” one woman yelled as a crowd gathers during the Saturday night incident, which happened around 7:20 p.m., police said.
A woman in a blue shirt who walked toward the melee, pointing and apparently scolding the officers, is shooed away as more police arrive on scene, the video shows.
As cops hold down Brissett, the male officer who had punched him uses his knee to pin his head to the floor, according to the video.
“One person, 50 police,” one man yells as 15 to 20 more officers walk into the view of the lens.
This is getting ridiculous.  The cops lately can't do their job without being videotaped or harassed.
This weekend in Cleveland, the cops arrested a Black 14 year old for being drunk in public and a group of Black thugs attacked the cops and the cops had to use tear gas to get the thugs to back off.  It was a group of Black Lives Matter.
So, these thugs would rather have the cops ignore a drunk 14 year old and let him continue so he could possibly harm himself and/or others?
But these same thugs stay silent when innocent Blacks are murdered by black thugs in their own community.  These thugs are just as dangerous as the murderers that kill in their community because they either excuse or ignore the killing of innocents of their community.
But I guess, anybody with a cell phone with a camera can hit the jackpot if they see a cop doing their job against a thug who decides they want to run or fight it out with the cops.  They tape and their tape just might the tabloids or the evening news.
and the cops, many I believe, are probably thinking they should let the thugs and let them destroy their community because some idiot decides they want to tape what is going on.

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