Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Philly Union Thug On Trial

If you look in the dictionary for the words "union thug", this union thug's picture will be one of the picture's shown.
From Philly.com:
Two views of Philadelphia Ironworkers Union boss Joseph Dougherty - general waging a guerrilla war against nonunion contractors, or aging leader undermined by ruthless underlings - are now up to a federal jury to sort out...
He is charged with racketeering conspiracy; two arson-related counts for damage to a site on Grays Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia on July 18, 2013; two arson-related counts in the Oct. 12, 2013, attempted attack on a site in Malvern; and a count of extortion for allegedly coercing a steel company to hire union ironworkers to erect an apartment building at 31st and Spring Garden Streets in West Philadelphia....
In closing arguments, Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert J. Livermore said there was no doubt Dougherty improved the lives of his union members and won their loyalty.
But he added that Dougherty's voice on FBI wiretaps also made it clear that the union boss hated nonunion contractors and believed in using arson, intimidation, and extortion to force them to hire union ironworkers. "He calls them pigs and he treats them worse than any pig should be treated," Livermore said, adding that Dougherty "created a culture within the union where these acts were not only tolerated, but they were rewarded." 
If this union thug is convicted, they ought to revoke his bail and send him right to prison until the day he dies.
He is nothing more than a union thug with no redeeming moral values.

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