Thursday, January 29, 2015

Las Vegas Review Journal Shuts Down Debate

A couple of weeks ago, the LVRJ shut down their comments section on all of their articles.
Their reasoning: Due to an increase in uncivil behavior and dialogue the Review-Journal has temporarily disabled the comment boards. The Review-Journal will use the time to evaluate the effectiveness of the comment boards and find an appropriate time to reintroduce them to
As someone who has read a lot of the comments, there may have been a slight uptick in stupid comments, on both the left and on the right sides of the political debate, but nothing outrageous.
However, there has been a big uptick of comments about the poor job the LVRJ editors and writers have been doing and for good reason.
Some reasons include:
Poor spelling
Poor grammar
Poor editing
Poor reporting
Not giving enough information
Stock photos
Writers putting their spin on straight news articles
The change from a conservative newspaper to a more liberal one
Choice of news articles
Allowing spam commentators to advertise their sell at home products without censorship but would hide or delete comments by legitimate commentators who did nothing wrong.
My guess is that the LVRJ will go turn to Facebook and force people who want to comment to join Facebook, which is a really stupid idea and bad for debates on the different subjects of today.  It forces someone, like myself who does not have a Facebook page, to get one, which I will not do.
So, we will see what the LVRJ and see if they want to have healthy debates or do they want to restrict those who want to debate.

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