Thursday, January 1, 2015

Has Anybody Else Noticed That...

Professional newspaper writers are really sucking when it comes to grammar and spelling?
In the past year or so, I've noticed that everyday, you can find misspelled words and poor grammar by these professional writers.
In the past, you would rarely find misspellings and poor grammar, even in the old days of the old electric typewriters- before computers.
That tells me that these writers are not being taught to proofread and rely too heavily on spell and grammar check.
And they only change things after readers point it out in the comment section.  This also tells me the editors are not doing their jobs.
Now, I make mistakes, but hey, I am not a professional writer and often have a beer or 4 in my tummy while I blog... like tonight.  Hey, I only have two beers in me.. but I won't say the size or proof.
So, is it laziness, incompetence, too much reliance on computers or a combination of all three?
I vote for incompetence and laziness.

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