Thursday, January 1, 2015

When Will the Racist Brothers Congratulate These Cops

The racist brothers, Obama, Holder, Jackson and Sharpton are quick to point, usually wrongly, about police abuse.
They never mention the good things the cops do, like this from
The two uniformed police officers were walking through Camden's Liberty Park neighborhood late Wednesday afternoon when residents urgently flagged them down. A house was on fire, with children trapped inside.
Sean McMahon and Aaron Roselli, officers in the Camden County Police Department, ran to the house on the 800 block of Atlantic Avenue, where neighbors were breaking windows and trying to get upstairs. "The smoke was extremely thick," McMahon said. "It was overwhelming." A mother and her young son and daughter would ultimately be saved by officers, who helped them jump from the burning home, police said Thursday at a news conference. The three victims remained hospitalized Thursday night in critical but stable condition. The blaze began in a Christmas tree, said Michael Harper, Camden's fire chief.
When police arrived, neighbors had tried several times to get upstairs, said Tyree Glover, 32, a Philadelphia man who was visiting his brother three doors down when he heard the shouting. "Neighbors were screaming, 'There's kids in there!' . . . Then," Glover said, "you just kept hearing the windows break." Everyone who had tried to enter the house ran back out, gasping for air. A neighbor grabbed two fire extinguishers; McMahon and Roselli went back into the house and tried to put the fire out on the first floor, while two other officers ran up the stairs. It was impossible. About halfway up the stairwell, Officer Nicholas Marchiafava "was overwhelmed by the smoke," McMahon said, and collapsed. The officers shouted upstairs to the children and their mother, telling them to get to the back window. There would be no rescue from the stairs. Instead, seven officers stood together in the backyard, preparing to catch the residents. From the second floor, the 4-year-old boy jumped, and seven pairs of hands reached out to catch him. His 7-year-old sister followed, then their mother, all safely caught. "They were able to save their lives as they jumped out the second-floor windows," said Capt. Deiter Tunstall, the police commander in charge of operations in the southern half of the city. "These officers showed incredible bravery."
Yep, all the cops involve are white and population of Camden is 83% minority, there is a good chance they saved a minority family.
All in a days work.

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