Sunday, January 18, 2015

Wisconsin's ACT 10 Coming To Nevada

Scott Walker is a leader and now Nevada is following in Wisconsin and Scott Walker's big footprints.
From the Las Vegas Sun: Rank-and-file teachers may applaud Gov. Brian Sandoval’s promise to pour more funds into education, but any celebration may be muted by another pledge: He said he wants to get rid of collective bargaining.
Sandoval provided no details in his State of the State address Thursday night, but even the hint that unions are in his sights is likely to ignite a partisan debate about teacher unions in the coming Legislature.
State law allows for collective bargaining in negotiations between employee groups and local governments, including school districts and municipalities. State employees are not authorized to organize.
Sandoval’s legislation would likely focus on eliminating collective bargaining in local governments, which he tried to do four years ago. For decades, conservatives have criticized collective bargaining — which is used in negotiating pay raises, benefits, working conditions and other issues — as increasing the cost of education.
In 2011, the Democratic-controlled Legislature didn’t advance Sandoval’s bills to kill collective bargaining. But with Republicans now in control of both chambers, Sandoval was applauded Thursday night for his proposals....
Union leaders applauded Sandoval’s promise to increase school funding but recoiled at the thought of losing collective bargaining.
Walker shows once again that he is a leader, by having other states copying what Wisconsin has done.

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