Saturday, January 24, 2015

Obama/Reid Judge Wants To Free FBI Agent Killer

This what happens when you allow liberals to run government.
From the LVRJ:
Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt said Friday that his office has appealed a federal judge’s decision that could result in the release of a death row inmate convicted of killing an FBI agent.
The inmate, Jose L. Echavarria, was convicted in Clark County District Court in the 1990 of the shooting death of FBI Agent John Bailey in a Las Vegas bank. The local FBI building is named for Bailey, a widely known and highly regarded federal agent.
Bailey happened to be in a Security Pacific Bank branch on FBI business on June 25, 1990, when a man disguised as a woman — later identified as Echavarria — pulled a gun on a teller, according to court documents. Bailey scuffled with the robber and was fatally shot.
Echavarria was arrested in Juarez, Mexico, the next day and returned to Las Vegas to face charges in Bailey’s death.
In a 57-page decision filed in Reno on Jan. 16, U.S. District Judge Miranda Du found that Echavarria had gotten an unfair trial because of alleged bias on the part of the presiding district judge in Las Vegas, Jack Lehman, who has since retired.
Echavarria and his lawyers argued they learned after the trial that Bailey had investigated Lehman several years earlier over a questionable land deal when he was a member of the Colorado River Commission.
“The evidence submitted by the Echavarria shows, beyond any dispute, that Agent Bailey had been centrally involved in conducting the investigation of the trial judge and that the alleged fraud and the FBI investigation were of such significance that they would have had serious implications for the trial judge,” Du wrote.
Du was nominated by Senile/Coward/Clumsy/Liar Harry Reid and President Obama.
This killer thug was convicted 24 years ago and now this liberal judge decides now is a good time to retry the murdering thug.  And this liberal judge knows this will be almost impossible because of the length of time after the murder.
And this is what happens when you elect liberals.

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