Sunday, January 25, 2015

Moron Of The Night

Leave it to a failed police chief to say this:
Former Madison Police Chief David Couper's community approach to law enforcement has been held up as an example to departments around the country before. Couper became the pastor at an Episcopal church near Oconomowoc after retiring from the force in the early 1990s and, while his views on policing have remained part of the discourse in Madison, he has kept a low profile nationally.
That may have changed with a Friday New York Times story.
Samuel G. Freedman, a religion reporter for the Times, quotes from a post titled "The Case for Apology" on Couper's blog:
“In order to restore trust between police and the communities they serve, our nation’s police must collectively apologize. It is what we need today to begin to heal the relationships between blacks and police. It is the only way to move past events of Ferguson, Staten Island, Cleveland and the residual effects we all have inherited from slavery, Jim Crow, and pernicious and residual racial discrimination.”
Read more:
I lived Madison when this guy fool was police chief and he allowed a lot of Chicago and Milwaukee thugs to move into Madison and commit crimes, and when the thugs caused problems, he made excuses for the thugs- saying how they were so poor, uneducated and that we had to excuse/ignore their behavior.  Because of that, the thug problem has gotten worse and Madison is not this little slice of heaven that Madison liberals would love to believe.
And if anybody has to apologize, it is the thugs who terrorize neighborhoods and people who need to apologize.
Others who need to apologize are those who allow/encourage bad behavior and it starts with mostly liberal politicians (start with Obama/Holder), community activists (start with Jackson/Sharpton) members of the inner city clergy and the tools and fools and thugs who protest and/or riot- they need to apologize for endorsing minority crime on innocent minorities. 

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