Wednesday, January 7, 2015

muslim Terrorists At It Again

Once again, muslims, the religion of peace, have decided to kill cartoonists who dared make fun of Muhammad, the god of  islam.
From Fox News:
Masked and garbed in black, the AK-47 wielding assassins appeared to be executing a well-coordinated plan in the late-morning raid, methodically seeking out and executing those targeted for death, and making a clean getaway -- all in the span of a few minutes. Moments after the 11:30 a.m. attack, the three assassins were gone. A manhunt continued into the evening in a shaken and locked-down Paris. 
A chilling video of two gunmen stopping their getaway car to wound, chase down and execute a police officer raising his hand in a plea for mercy shows shows tactics and movement that only comes with training, said retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, a Fox News strategic analyst.
“It was evident immediately that this was a carefully planned, sophisticated operation by well-trained, well-armed veterans of jihad,” Peters said. “This was not a pick-up team. These butchers were methodical and efficient. They weren't just terrorists: They were terrorist commandos.”
In the video, the killers are seen advancing along the street in perfect unison, seamlessly trading places as one man provides cover fire and the other moves forward. They also were dressed in black tactical gear and balaclavas to conceal their faces. And this is what these muslim pigs to a poor police officer:

Forunately, CAIR, the muslim terrorist group in the U.S. did condemn the terrorist attack.
They actually called the attack a terror attack, while Obama just called it a horrific shooting.
In the afternoon, Obama called the thug terrorists, terrorists but still not say the shootings was a terrorist attack.
Apparently, one of the muslim pig terrorist thugs has surrendered.
Two brothers and a teenager were last night revealed as the three suspects linked to a deadly terrorist attack on an anti-Islamist newspaper in France.
Said Kouachi, 34, and Cherif Kouachi, 32, both from Paris, were identified along with Hamyd Mourad, 18, from the north-eastern city of Reims.
Anti-terrorism officers hunting the terrorists issued photographs of the two brothers describing them as 'armed and dangerous'. 
It came as a source close to the case said Mourad had surrendered to police 'after seeing his name on social media' and was arrested at an undisclosed location.
It appeared last night that the hunt for the other men had turned to the Croix Rouge region of Reims, some two hours by car from Paris.
Dozens of members from France’s elite anti-terror unit surrounded an apartment building and there were reports a flat had been searched. 
Read more:
There will be a time when Europe will have discuss why they allow so many muslim immigrants into their countries but first, they have to bury the dead and then deal with the issue.
And if you think, with our porous borders, that this kind of attack can't happen here, then you are a fool.

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