Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Good For Nevada AG, Boo For Governor

From the Las Vegas Sun:
Attorney General Adam Laxalt announced today that Nevada will join a multistate coalition suing President Barack Obama’s contentious deportation deferral program, his first major publicized legal action and one he’s carrying out without the backing of Gov. Brian Sandoval.
But Sandoval has distanced himself from his fellow Republican’s decision to join the suit, which now has the support of GOP officials from 26 states. The lead plaintiff is recently elected Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who filed the document in December while serving as that state's attorney general.
“Gov. Sandoval’s position on President Obama’s executive order has not changed since his announcement in November. He believes our immigration system is broken and it is without question that comprehensive reform is necessary,” spokeswoman Mari St. Martin said in a prepared statement. “He continues to believe that the best course of action is a legislative solution rather than legal action.”  http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2015/jan/26/nevada-joins-texas-led-immigration-lawsuit/
Laxalt, who has the support of conservatives in Nevada, did the right thing.
Sandoval, on the other hand, is positioning himself to become the vice president candidate for the GOP establishment candidate- a RINO, whoever it is.
So, good for Laxalt and boos for RINO Sandoval.

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