Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Deflategate Reminds Me Of Watergate

While it still remains to be seen if the New England Patriots, through the ball boy, may have deflated game footballs for the Patriots in the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts, it sure reminds me of Watergate.
President Richard Nixon and/or the Republican Party was paranoid about losing to the Democrats in 1972, that they had some stupid burglars rob a hotel room belong to some Democrats before the election and Nixon, mostly, tried to cover it up.  Nixon ended up kicking George McGovern's butt in one of the biggest landslides at the time.
The New England Patriots, even though they were playing at home and were a much better team than the Colts but were paranoid enough to try and have a fool ball boy deflate some footballs when they didn't have to.  The Patriots then went on to kick the Colts butts and they didn't even have to cheat.. if they did actually did, which I suspect they did.
Nixon tried to throw the burglars under the bus and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will try and throw the ball boy under the bus as well, all while proclaiming their innocence. 
Once again, history may be repeating itself.

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