Monday, January 12, 2015

What The Racist Fool And Tool Protestors/Rioters Really Want

For the past several months, many cities in the U.S. has had to endure protestors/rioters in their cities.  The fools and tools of the bigger racists, like Obama, Holder Sharpton and Jackson, have shut down portions of cities, if they hadn't didn't destroy them first.
But what do these fools and tools of the Racist Brothers really want?  You see them rally and make jackasses of themselves but you never know what their demands are.
Well, the police chief of liberal Madison, WI. gives us some insight of what some of these fools and tools really want.
From Madison’s police chief issued a stern rebuke Monday to a protest group that has said his department perpetuates disparities between black and white residents of the city, writing that he is tired of police being blamed for problems that are beyond their control....
The coalition’s open letter, sent to the chief and others on Friday, called police an “occupying force” in communities of color.
To address wide disparities in black and white arrest rates, the group demanded police reduce their presence in those neighborhoods and cut in half the number of black and poor people the department arrests.
“The relationship that we desire to have with the police is simple: no interaction,” the group wrote. “Our people need opportunities for self-determination, not policing.”...
“It is time for Young, Gifted and Black to look a lot deeper at the issues besetting our people of color and stop pandering to the ‘blame game’ of throwing my department to the wolves.
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And these fools and tools also want this:
One of our publicly-stated demands is for the immediate release of 350 Black people from the Dane County Jail, with the ongoing demand to keep this number out of the jail in order to remove 350 beds from the facility. This means that, every month, 350 Black people must be prevented and/or diverted from entering the jail, as there are typically 3,900 Black people that cycle through the jail every year. This would eliminate the need for 350 beds in the jail, and also eliminate the need for renovations due to safety and mental health concerns. If there was no structural racism, the jails and the arrest rates should be proportional to the demographics of the population. In a jail of 800, without structural racism and a demographic of 5% Black population there should be closer to 40 Black people, rather than the 400 Black people currently incarcerated.
So, next time you see these fools and tools marching/riots, just think of these racist's moronic demands.

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  1. What they want is very similar to the "No Go" zones in France. When different groups live under different laws in the same country, that is a BIG problem.