Saturday, January 3, 2015

Talk About Stupid Causes

These are lighters, believe it or not.

From the Stevens Point Journal: It's been almost six years since a group of determined second-graders asked Fire Chief Jerry Minor to help them get a state law passed.
In 2009, Londa Kuehn's class at Pittsville Elementary School read a story in their Weekly Reader about novelty lighters. The lighters are in shapes that would appeal to small children, and many don't have child security devices to stop them from being accidentally lit.
Minor has contacted local legislators, both Republicans and Democrats, repeatedly during the past six years and asked them to help create a law designed to keep children safe. In 2014, state officials held a public hearing on restricting the lighters. It was the closest Minor came to seeing the the children's dream come true, but the legislative session ended before it came up for a vote.
A couple of weeks before Christmas, Minor again started sending out requests for help.
"I basically said, 'Hey, I'm back, and I need your support on both sides of the aisle,'" Minor said. "I told them, 'This is not going away.'"
Sorry, but I have not heard of many fires started by these lighters.
And if a parent decides to buy their kids these lighters because in many places, you have to be 18 to buy them and a 6 year old just can't walk in to Wal-Mart or other store and buy one of these on their own.
Does he also want to ban play guns as well?
I happen to know Chief Minor from when I lived in Wisconsin Rapids, and I know he is a good man, but he is just wrong on this issue.

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