Thursday, January 29, 2015

RINO "Tax Me" Sandoval At It Again

From the LVRJ: Gov. Brian Sandoval said Thursday that his proposed business license fee to raise $438 million to fund much of his public education agenda would mean lower tax collections than under myriad other tax proposals debated in Nevada over the past dozen years.
“This is our proposal,” he said. “I am going to defend it.”
The proposed fee, based on gross receipts, encompasses all businesses and is as fair and simple as possible, Sandoval said.
All 330,000 Nevada businesses that now pay a $200 annual flat fee would pay more under the variable-fee plan, but how much more would vary greatly.
The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce said it is looking forward to studying details of the governor’s plan and working on solutions to Nevada’s revenue volatility.
First, Sandoval assumes that all school districts need the extra money.
CCSD in Las Vegas and area, doesn't need the money- they waste so much money like the excess could fund a small country.
The Washoe School District just fired it's administrator and between the legal fees and the buy out, it cost about $1,000,000 which they apparently had lying around.
Yes, some rural schools may need some money but they could get some from CCSD and their extra money.
Sandoval is a plain old RINO-Republican in name only and he wants to please some of the GOP overlords in hope to become a vice presidential candidate or become a federal judge again, as he is term limited and will leave office after his term is up in a few years.

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