Saturday, January 3, 2015

Geez, Grow Up Nevada GOP

From the LVRJ: 
Moving to quash a conservative GOP insurrection, Nevada Assembly Speaker John Hambrick on Saturday harshly rebuked Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore, telling her to stop playing “childish games” and undermining him by insisting she’s still Republican majority leader.
Hambrick said in an email to Fiore that he had full authority as the elected leader of the Assembly Republican Caucus to remove her as majority leader and as chair of the Assembly Taxation Committee.
He said he removed her last month for insubordination and for how she’s handling a dispute with the Internal Revenue Service over unpaid payroll taxes for her home health care business. The IRS has $1 million in liens against Fiore or her company.
“Instead of explaining your IRS issues publicly like you had agreed to do you squandered the opportunity by maliciously attacking two respected consultants and a caucus donor,” Hambrick wrote.
Come on.  The GOP has been out of power for a long time, when it comes time to control the Nevada Assembly and Senate together and when they get the power, they can't get their act together.
And you know the national GOP will have their problems in the next few weeks..
GOP: The political party that cannot handle winning.

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