Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello, Police, My House Just Got Stolen

From the San Antonio/My SA:
A San Antonio man said his "tiny house," a project he had been working on for more than two years, was stolen.
Casey Friday reported his Spring Branch tiny house, about 228 square feet, was stolen in a profanity-laden blog post, saying his “heart dropped” when his realtor called him Dec. 20 to tell him a neighbor noticed his “trailer” was gone.
“My entire body was shaking as our former real estate agent gave [sic] me the neighbor’s phone number,” Friday said in the blog.
Friday, who lives in San Antonio and owns property in Spring Branch, referred to whoever stole his tiny house as a word that cannot be published by the San Antonio Express-News and said the trauma of someone stealing his home has discouraged him from pursuing future tiny house constructions.
The house was later found on the South side of San Antonio.
The police dispatcher will be telling this story for a long time.

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