Saturday, January 24, 2015

No Wonder They Didn't Call An Ambulance

You can't make this up.
From the LVRJ: The violent accident that has threatened Sen. Harry Reid’s vision and marked the first few weeks of his tenure as Senate minority leader took place in the bathroom of his home.
Reid’s office declined to comment on an online report in Politico that he was exercising in the bathroom of his new home in Henderson on New Year’s Day when a heavy resistance band attached to the door of the shower snapped back at him.
The previously unreported detail independently confirmed by the Review-Journal fills in an account of how the Nevada Democrat suffered broken bones around his right eye, and four broken ribs, injuries that forced him to work from home after Congress reconvened on Jan. 6.
Reid spokeswoman Kristen Orthman said there was “nothing to add or comment” on the Politico story, which also reported on Reid’s efforts to wield authority as a Senate leader while largely confined to his Washington condo at the Ritz Carlton.
Ok, quick quiz: How many people do you know have an exercise machine in their bathroom?
So, I am calling BS on that Reid was hurt by an exercise machine and instead a more likely reason Reid got hurt is that he fell and fell hard and they made up the story about Reid exercising.
And that is why the U.S. Senate Police, Reid's body guards, piled him into their SUV's and took him to the hospital instead of doing the more reasonable thing, like calling for an ambulance.
And that is why I wrote this:

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