Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Truth About Unions Comes Out

This isn't a surprise that this happens but a huge surprise that a union official let it slip.
From The newly organized union representing Brooklyn Park's part-time firefighters has sued the city, alleging stall tactics and illegal contact with individual members of the union. The suit also challenges the city's decision to add 18 full-time firefighters with the goal of eventually cutting the number of part-timers in half. The suit, filed by American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Council No. 5 on Dec. 23, accuses the city of failing to negotiate in good faith and failing to bargain directly with the union representing part-timers, which was formed last February.
And now the money quote:
"After we did this, everything slowed down. We couldn't get them [city officials] to the table to bargain. Then they announce they would be hiring full-time and less part-time. We think they are basically trying to demonstrate they are in control, not us."
Umm, the union should not be the one's in control of any company or government agency (unless they own it) but this union official thinks they should be the one's in control, the supervisors and administrators.

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