Thursday, January 1, 2015

Consumer Alert: Don't Use Safeway Pharmacies

I don't usually don't comment on businesses unless they give very good or very bad service.
Well, Safeway/Vons and other related pharmacies should be avoided like the plague.
My wife and myself need certain medications-I won't go into specifics- and we have been using Vons/Safeway pharmacies for the past couple of years.
However, in the past 4 months, 2 Safeway related pharmacies in Las Vegas and Kingman have been extremely incompetent.
They have lost medication they have filled.
They don't have the medication on hand that they promised.
When a pharmacist is out on a leave of absence, they forget to get the paperwork in order to order certain medications.
And this has caused us to go without medication that the doctor has ordered for several days causing sickness and severe discomfort.
Are all Safeway related pharmacies like this?  Maybe not, but do you want to take the chance with your medication and/or your life.
Avoid Safeway pharmacies.
(And unless you want to pay high prices for food and other items, you probably want to avoid Safeway/Vons)

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