Monday, January 19, 2015

Those Crazy Democrats And Liberal Media

Someone + a newspaper might be getting slapped with a defamation lawsuit soon.
From the NY Daily News: She won’t have her bedding with her, but a Columbia University senior who carries a mattress on campus to raise awareness about college rape will bring her message when she joins Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand at the State of the Union address.
Emma Sulkowicz’s presence Tuesday will be a sharp message to President Obama and Gillibrand’s fellow lawmakers, who she is pushing to back bipartisan legislation requiring colleges to strengthen policies against sexual assault at colleges.
Obama is expected to tout a plan to offer all Americans two years of free community college. Gillibrand supports the proposal, but the New York Democrat says Washington should work to make college safe, not just cheap.
“I hope he will also talk about working with our bipartisan coalition in Congress to make campuses safer, too,” she said. “I hope the President will seize this opportunity to shine a national spotlight on the need to flip the incentives that currently reward colleges for sweeping sexual assaults under the rug.”
Gillibrand told the Daily News she pressed Obama on the issue last week when he met with Senate Democrats at their annual retreat. She urged him to help pass the college sexual assault bill and to mention the issue Tuesday.
Sulkowicz, 22, says she was raped in her dorm room in August 2012. She filed a complaint with the school against Paul Nungesser (no one) in April 2013, saying he attacked her during an initially consensual encounter. Nungesser has said the sex was consensual.
Sulkowicz has said embarrassment and shame delayed her response, but she made her report after meeting two women who said Nungesser assaulted them.
Columbia eventually found him “not responsible” in all three incidents. Sulkowicz told her story publicly for the first time in an April press conference with Gillibrand.
So, you bat shit crazy senator who brings to the senate a bat shit crazy who files such a horrible rape accusation that no one believes her, including the liberals at Columbia University.
And her accusation was so unbelievable that the cops didn't attempt to file charges against the real victim in the case, Nungesser.
So, with all this information The NY Daily News still publishes the guy's name and the bat shit crazy senator is still going to bring this bat shit crazy liar to the senate.
No wonder democrats have no creditability.

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