Thursday, January 29, 2015

Racism: It's Everwhere, It's Everywhere...Not

Good lord, this is just moronic.
From the NY Daily News: The recent arrest of controversial Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy's son could have had a more tragic result if he was black, according to some civil liberties advocates.
The 42-year-old Ryan Bundy, who is white, struggled with officers outside a Ceder City, Utah, courthouse while getting cuffed Tuesday, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.
The rancher, who was wanted for taking a stray horse out of an animal shelter without permission, was not injured and the officers never even pulled out their guns during the wild ordeal — which some argued could have ended with more violently if he was black.
"It is almost universally understood that people of color are subjected to the use of force by police at a far greater rate than others," Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, told the Daily News.
So, let's see.
Was Bundy armed?
Did Bundy try and take an officer's gun?
Did Bundy try and run down the cops with his car?
Bundy acted like an ass, like many people who are arrested.
And like most people who fight with the cops but don't get that stupid are not shot.
And like 99.9% of the times a person is arrested, they were not shot by the cops, whether they were black, white, brown or green.
And apparently, this brain damaged NYCLU exec only thinks only Blacks get shot by the cops.
Yeah, white men and women do get shot and killed by cops.
But apparently, this brain damaged NYCLU executive apparently isn't too smart to figure this out.
(And to prove the stupidity of the article, the writer talks about Blacks being shot and they post a picture of Eric Garner, who died of a choke hold and medical conditions, instead of being shot)

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