Friday, January 16, 2015

Aww, Poor Baby

From the NY Daily News: Oklahoma’s first execution since it botched the lethal injection of a death row inmate 10 months ago saw convicted baby killer Charles Frederick Warner exclaim from the death chamber: “My body is on fire.”
In a disturbing sequence, the 47-year-old Warner made the claim after getting a dose of the sedative midazolam followed by involuntary twitching after the lethal injection was administered. He stopped breathing seven minutes later.
The Thursday night execution at Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester came after an extensive look at the process that included $71,000 in upgrades and even went before the U.S. Supreme Court.
Warner’s own execution was originally scheduled for April 29, the same night that inmate Clayton Lockett convulsed, spurted blood and writhed on his gurney during an execution that lasted 43 minutes. Prison officials later called Lockett’s prolonged death a “bloody mess.”
Convicted in the 1997 rape and murder of an 11-month-old girl in Oklahoma City, Warner could not escape his fate. But he added to the controversy surrounding lethal injection before his death.
“Before I give my final statement, I’ll tell you they poked me five times. It hurt. It feels like acid,” Warner said before the execution began.
The liberal media, the NY Daily News glosses over what this thug did to get the death penalty.
Well, the thug did this:
The killing for which Warner was sentenced to death happened in August 1997, in the home that her and his two children shared with Shonda Waller, who has been variously described as an ex-girlfriend or former roommate in court papers. Ms Waller went out to run errands and when she returned, the child was unconscious. Resuscitation efforts failed and the baby was pronounced dead at the hospital, NBC reported.
A post-mortem examination of the little girl found a crushing injury to the head and brain damage, a broken jaw, three fractured ribs and a lacerated liver. Warner’s own son testified that he had seen his father shaking the baby.
The thug also was convicted of rape.
So, the thug felt a little discomfort.
But compared to what this thug to this little girl, the pain the thug felt was nothing.

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