Thursday, January 8, 2015

Guns Save Another Life

Many anti-gun nuts hate this.
From the Las Vegas Sun:
A resident shot and killed one of two intruders who broke into a northwest valley house during an armed home invasion Wednesday night, Metro Police said.
Two people kicked in the door of the house, and the resident, who was home alone, fled to an upstairs bedroom, police said.
One of the intruders, who was carrying a handgun, followed the resident upstairs, police said.
The resident and the man engaged in a gunfight, and the intruder was shot multiple times before he ran from the house and collapsed in the street, police said.
He was taken to University Medical Center and later died, Officer Laura Meltzer said.
I am not a gun nut- never owned one.
But those who need guns for protection, hunting or for fun, they should be able to purchase them with few restrictions because do save lives.

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