Friday, May 2, 2014

Good...But Shocking

A liberal union says no to raising taxes?
From the LVRJ: The Nevada State AFL-CIO on Friday voted to oppose the margins tax measure to fund public education that is on the Nov. 4 general election ballot.
Also known as the Education Initiative, Question 3 would impose a 2 percent business “margins tax” designed to raise an estimated $700 million a year for public schools.
The measure is opposed by many Nevada businesses and elected officials, including Gov. Brian Sandoval. It was put on the ballot by the Nevada State Education Association, which represents teachers.
In a statement after a vote of delegates at a convention for the group’s Committee on Political Action, Danny Thompson, executive secretary treasurer, said: “The Nevada State AFL-CIO has always supported funding education to the National Average. There is no equivocation on our support for funding our schools so that our children receive a great education. We are a strong voice and advocate at every level of government for more funding for classrooms, teachers, and school buildings.
“The vote today in opposition to the margins tax initiative is not a vote against education,” he said. “It is a vote against a flawed initiative that will cost many of our members their jobs and raise the cost of living on Nevadans on a fixed income and on citizens that are still struggling to make ends meet after years of a terrible recession.”.
Hey, maybe the union can back to reality on other causes.
But I will take 1 victory at a time.

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