Sunday, May 11, 2014

Interesting article About Baseball Behind The Scenes

Jsonline has an interesting article on how a major league deals with before the game activities.
From jsonline:
It's a moment like this, 10 hours before the opening pitch, when Michael Boettcher is brought back to his childhood growing up on a Wisconsin farm.
He revels in the land and the silence.
Boettcher and the Miller Park grounds crew rake dirt and tamp clay. They cut the outfield grass using mowers that cost more than family sedans.
During a cold, harsh spring, they achieve something close to perfection — a lush, green field.
"It's so quiet," says Boettcher, director of grounds, as he takes in the expanse of empty seats. "In the morning when we get here, the sun is shining. It's us and our field."
On Friday, a baseball park turned small city awoke for another day. The New York Yankees were in town. A crowd of 40,000 would be on hand.
But long before the first fan walked through the turnstiles, a determined band of workers was on the job.
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