Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lowes: Poor Customer Service

Sometimes, as a store that caters to paying customers, you have to bite the bullet when dealing with customers, especially customers that are nice.
I have a tale of two stores, 2 incidents and two different outcomes.
At the Wal-Mart store I work with, I had 4 ladies, ranging from 18 to about 25 buying beer and booze.  I crded all 4 of them but the 18 year old didn't have an idea.  By law, I couldn't sell the booze because they were all together.
So, per Wal-Mart policy, I got a manager and they rang them up and the customers, while more than a little bit rude, went away happy.
My wife went to Lowes to buy some plants and gardening supplies.  She forgot an item at the check out area.  The manager had to be called and he said he had to look at the camera to make sure my wife wasn't making it up.  The camera, according to the manager was inconclusive so he refused to give my wife a $3 pepper plant.  He got confrontational with my wife and waved his arms around.
My wife went away pissed and we will never go to that Lowes again,
Two incidents.
My wife went away pissed.
The other four went away happy with their booze.
We won't go to Lowes again.
I'm sure the 4 drunks will come back to Wal-Mart.

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