Monday, May 5, 2014

Obma's NLRB Stiff's Workers, Loves Union

From Fox News:
If you are a worker trying to sever your relationship with a union, you have to make extra certain you didn't make even the tiniest error when you do it. That's what the National Labor Relations Board said Tuesday when it ruled that nine workers who decertified their union in 2012 still had to pay it another year's worth of membership dues because they sent in some of the paperwork too early.
The case involved nine workers for a Brooklyn condo complex who voted unanimously on Sept. 26, 2012, to get rid of United Workers of America Local 621 as their bargaining representative. The following week, the workers individually sent the union letters announcing that they "elected to terminate any and all such membership obligations" with it.
However the NLRB did not officially recognize the decertification vote until Oct. 11, 10 days after the union received the workers' letters. On the basis of that, Local 621 claimed it never received proper termination letters. The union was able to get the workers' employer to continue to deduct membership dues from their paychecks for another full year after they had voted to get rid of it.
Just another example where Obama's NLRB hurts the workers in favor of the unions.
Anytime you hear that Obama stands up for workers, just don't believe it.  Workers mean squat to Obama.  Unions on the other hand, kick Michelle out of President Obama's bed and make passionate love to Obama.

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