Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pawn Stars News

From the Las Vegas Sun: The Week in “Pawn Stars”: One fractured hand. One night of tribute hosted by the San Francisco Giants. One Las Vegas Strip show opening. One TV game show announced.
Otherwise, it’s been fairly staid for the crew at Gold & Silver Pawn.
Austin “Chumlee” Russell, who was a focal point in a story I wrote about reality TV shows that we published this Sunday on the cover of The Sunday, was honored by the San Francisco Giants on Tuesday night. Chumlee is something of a Giants fan, though he allows, “I don’t know much about baseball.”...
And on the topic of turning an age, we have reported about Corey Harrison’s motorcycle spill just ahead of his birthday party Saturday (I scrawled of this on Twitter on Monday, and Ubiquitous Robin Leach imparted the info in blog form Tuesday). As he was heading to his 31st birthday party at Rick Harrison’s house, Corey laid down his 1947 Knucklehead Chopper, a custom-designed bike that is a favorite among motorcycle aficionados across the country.
The fender mounts snapped and the “sissy” bar at the back of the bike thrust forward and struck Harrison in the back. He wound up going tea-over-teakettle at 45 mph, breaking two bones in his right hand and suffering a hematoma on his back.
This all happened about 3 p.m., but Harrison didn’t visit the emergency room until after midnight. Why?
“I played until about midnight,” he said during a phone interview Monday. “It was painful, but I didn’t want to hold up the party.”...
Meantime in the Universe of the Pawn, the stage show “Pawn Shop Live!” has moved to the Riviera after opening months ago at Golden Nugget, and yet another project is in the offing: “Pawnography,” a TV game show featuring Chumlee, Corey and Rick. This brain brawl begins filming May 18 in Las Vegas. This show is to air in the summer, also on History, and is produced by “Pawn Stars” production outfit Leftfield Pictures.
The show’s concept, which I’d noted in March, is a trivia challenge in which contestants compete against Chumlee, Corey and Rick for prizes belonging to Rick culled from the Gold & Silver collection. Questions are incrementally more difficult as you climb that trivial ladder, which is why Rick is the final star to beat and Chumlee is … not.
An open call for contestants for the show has been announced for Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. at Circus Circus.
It was also reported the show as signed a contract with the cast for 104 shows next year, so every week will have 2 new episodes.  Way too much for me to review or watch... I think.

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