Thursday, May 1, 2014

Umm, Don't Push You're Luck

You don't want to awake a pissed off tiger.
From the Las vegas Sun: Cliven Bundy’s family is urging his supporters to gather at Metro Police’s downtown headquarters at 10 a.m. Friday to file criminal complaints against the Bureau of Land Management, according to the family’s Facebook page.
“It's CRIMINAL COMPLAINT TIME,” the family wrote. “We believe that the BLM acted illegally. We have decided to file reports at the Sheriff's Office. Together we can take real action!!”
Officer Jesse Roybal, a Metro Police spokesman, said his office didn’t know about the protest and couldn’t comment. He didn’t know if anyone in the office had been notified or if the department was planning a response. Roybal did say the sheriff has and will continue to work with both sides.
If I could give advice to Bundy, I would say you won round one but don't push it too much further, otherwise, you will lose your what little support you have and you will wake up a sleeping tiger waiting to pounce on Bundy.
They should listen to this song:

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