Saturday, May 10, 2014

What Happens In Vegas Doesn't Always Stay In Vegas

From the Houston Chronicle:
A drama teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with one of his teenage students married her in Las Vegas soon after the police investigation began, authorities said.
Ilich Guardiola, 41, has been charged with sexual assault of a child. He was taken into custody on Thursday.
A routine traffic stop last month led to his arrest.
A Spring Valley Village officer pulled over Guardiola on April 14 for speeding along the 11000 block of Bingle.
A 16-year-old girl was in the car with him.
The officer questioned Guardiola and the teenager about why she was alone in the car with him but their responses didn't match, Spring Valley Village police said.
The girl's mother was aware her daughter was with Guardiola because he was supposed to be giving her a ride home. He is her teacher in a program for home-schooled students.
I'm not sure how a 16 year old got a marriage license in  Vegas without the parents permission.  So, someone committed fraud- either the couple or the parents.  You have to have a parent's permission to get married in Las Vegas if you are 16 years old.
Unless, of course, the clerks in the marriage office were negligent in granting the marriage license.
But here's the kicker:
About a week after the investigation began, Guardiola and the girl were in Las Vegas getting married. Her mother was with them, police said.
"The marriage is absolutely legal," said Chief Gary Finkelman of the Spring Valley Village Police Department. "We received a copy of the marriage certificate."
Police in Spring Valley Village did not learn of the marriage until after Guardiola was arrested Thursday at his apartment.
The girl - now his wife - was in the apartment as Guardiola was taken into custody.
Why, if you are the mother, would you allow your 16 year old daughter to marry the person you accussed of sexually assualting your daughter?
Two idiot adults.

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