Thursday, June 12, 2014

Another Obama Deadly Legacy

From the Independent UK: Iraq is breaking up. The Kurds have taken the northern oil city of Kirkuk that they have long claimed as their capital. Sunni fundamentalist fighters vow to capture Baghdad and the Shia holy cities further south.
Government rule over the Sunni Arab heartlands of north and central Iraq is evaporating as its 900,000-strong army disintegrates. Government aircraft have fired missiles at insurgent targets in Mosul, captured by Isis on Monday, but the Iraqi army has otherwise shown no sign of launching a counter-attack.
The nine-year Shia dominance over Iraq, established after the US, Britain and other allies overthrew Saddam Hussein, may be coming to an end. The Shia may continue to hold the capital and the Shia-majority provinces further south, but they will have great difficulty in re-establishing their authority over Sunni provinces from which their army has fled.
The Iraqi government is falling and it is 100% Obama's fault.  Hell, Iraq will have been better off under Saddam Hussein's government than these extremist Islamists.
Obama could have left some troops in to help stabilize the government but he chose not to.
And the Taliban and other extremists are watching this and waiting the day that the day Obama withdraws the troops from Afghanistan.
This is another Obama failure and it has cost the lives of hundreds if not thousands.
Worst president/world leader in the Western Hemisphere ever. (Exception would be Hitler, if you consider him to be part of the Western Hemisphere)


  1. Is there anything that isn't Obama's fault?

    But really, come on, Dan. The Iraq war was ended on a timetable set up by George W. Bush. And let's not forget it was a war of choice by that president, a war we never should have started in the first place.

  2. And Jimby tosses another weak-assed softball to be crushed out of the park.

    Note Obama took credit (Item No. 27) for ending the Iraq War.

    Then again, Jimby would rather have Saddam in power, with the rape rooms, and the torture chambers, and the political enemies going in the wood chippers.

  3. Some more fun things that the Administration won't admit to now:

  4. Jamie, Obama could have changed things, made more of an effort and it is now 6 years since Bush left office. It's time to stop blaming him.