Saturday, June 14, 2014

Another Reason To Avoid Strip Street Performers

Cop/Civilian Thug Killer

From the Las Vegas Sun:
Jerad Miller’s costume of choice on the Fremont Street Experience was Batman, the comic book character known as a crime-fighting vigilante.
"So he went from being the Batman, the Dark Knight, a hero, to doing the Joker, who is a villain," said Gerald Lechner (pronounced Lesh-ner), owner of Double Infinity Entertainment.
Double Infinity rents out high-end costumes to street performers working for tips in Las Vegas. Lechner says he charges a small per-day fee, $10, hoping to make a living through high-volume rentals rather than high rental fees.
"I believe in doing fair business and I want people to make money because I don't want to have a lot of turnover," said Lechner, an Austrian native who has lived in Las Vegas three years.
Why anybody would want to interact with a street performer on the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont St. is beyond me, especially after knowing a triple murderer was a street performer.

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