Sunday, June 1, 2014

Another Reason Why People Hate Government

Obama and his admoinistration is out of control and it needs to be stopped because he just hates the poor and just about everybody else. 
From jsonline:
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will unveil a proposal Monday to cut emissions at coal-fired power plants — the biggest step yet by the Obama administration to combat global warming, and a move with major implications for Wisconsin, because coal generates more than half the state's electricity.
EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy has said the agency will give broad latitude to states to meet targets for carbon emissions. While those targets are not yet known, a mandate to cut emissions by 25% by 2030 is expected, says Mark Thimke, a Milwaukee energy and environmental lawyer who follows the issue closely.
Of course, the hardest hurt will be the poor.  But Obama and his ilk don't care about the poor.
Could it be possible we can pray for this to happen with Obama nd Biden in the White House?:

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