Sunday, June 1, 2014

First Batman And Now Rat Girl

From the San Fran Chronicle: First, there was Batkid. Now, sadly, there is “Rat Girl” — and she’s contributing to a skin-crawling public health problem in San Francisco.
KTVU’s David Stevenson reports that a troubled San Francisco woman has been “breeding” rats and letting them loose into the city for years.
Identified only as 43-year-old Erica J., the woman first came to the attention of the city in 2011 when Animal Care and Control discovered she had bred “hundreds” of rats out of her room at a Minna Street residential hotel in the South of Market neighborhood.
By the end of that May, public health officials had exterminated ”thousands” of rats from the surrounding area.
Later, KTVU reported, Animal Care and Control reported finding Erica living under a Japantown pedestrian bridge with rats living off of her cart. Not surprisingly, several of the rats had escaped and infested the nearby area.
Then, this month, a passerby reported seeing Erica living with at least eight rats in a park at Golden Gate Avenue and Steiner Street. Video obtained by KTVU caught the vermin eating out of a plastic bowl filled with dog food.
“The officer that responded noted that they had been there for some time. They had actually sort of dug a maze and had areas to tunnel and burrow,” Animal Care and Control Capt. Denise BonGiovanni told the television station. “We collected seven. Unfortunately I believe one of them was really sick and died in transport. We impounded the rest.”
First, I have been to San Fran and the rats are probably smarter than most of it's liberal residents.
And then, what will the liberals do.  Support PETA and animal rights activitists and let the rats live?
Or support the animal murderers and getting rid of the rats?
Glad I don't live in the mental assuylm name San Fransico.

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