Monday, June 2, 2014

More Evidence Obama Screwed Up Prisoner Exchange

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More evidence Obama screwed up big time with 5 terrorist swap for a traitor U.S. soldier.
From the LVRJ: The Pentagon concluded in 2010 that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl walked away from his unit, and after an initial flurry of searching the military curbed any high-risk rescue plans. But the U.S. kept pursuing avenues to negotiate his release, recently seeking to fracture the Taliban network by making its leaders fear a faster deal with underlings could prevent the freedom they sought for five of their top officials, American officials told The Associated Press.
The U.S. government kept tabs on Bergdahl’s whereabouts with spies, drones and satellites, even as it pursued off-and-on negotiations to get him back over the five years of captivity that ended on Saturday.
So, Obama and his ilk knew that the traitor walked away on purpose but still sent teams looking for him in which it has been said, several soldiers died looking for him.
And then, instead of releasing low level Gitmo detainees, Obama decided to release the worst terrorists at Gitmo so they can go out and terrorize not only the U.S. but other Western countries as well.
On a more huerous note:
One official briefed on the intelligence said the Taliban also may have been worried about Bergdahl’s health, having been warned that the U.S. would react fiercely if he died in captivity. The Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, which is caring for Bergdahl, said he was suffering from nutritional issues.
Yeah, right, Obama would respond "fiercely" if the traitor died.
What would Obama do?
Play slappy butt kissy face with the Taliban?  Snap a wet towel at the Taliban?  Maybe throw a pie in the face of a Taliban leader?
Worst president ever.
Most incompetent president ever.
How much more damage will Obama do to this country?
How many more lives will he put in danger?
How many more lives will be lost because of this moron?
3 questions I don't to know what the answer is.


  1. According to noted military strategist and diplomacy expert Jimby Greenpeasoup, you're a hypocrite because you wouldn't complain if GWB had done the same thing. Or something like that.

  2. This was a political move to cover up and distract people from the VA hospital scandal. Which is evidence that the Obama administration really doesn't care about the troops and just use them as political props.

    Let's face it, Obama broke the law again and will continue to abuse his authority and claim authority he doesn't have to subverting the rule of law for his own agenda.

  3. • Obama broke the law.

    • The five terrorists released were among the most dangerous in captivity.

    • Those who served with Bergdahl say he deserted.

    • Those who served with Bergdahl were made to sign nondisclosure agreements to keep them quiet.

    • Bergdahl snuck off from camp with just a few survival items, suggesting that had someplace to go; i.e., he was not merely deserting but defecting to the Taliban.

    • Bergdahl reportedly mailed his valuables stateside in preparation for desertion/defection.

    • At least six US soldiers were killed attempting to find Bergdahl.

    • Bergdahl made statements denouncing America in extremely harsh terms.

    • Bergdahl’s father is aggressively pro-Islamic.

    • In a deleted tweet, Bergdahl’s father proclaimed that he is “still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners,” suggesting the possibility that Bergdahl’s capture and release were staged to facilitate the release of the terrorists.

    Here’s one that is getting less attention:

    • CIA station chief in Kabul was outed by White House 1 week before the transfer.

  4. Actually, anony, I'm mostly pointing out that several prominent GOP leaders (John McCain, Kelly Ayotte, Lyndsey Graham), as well as FOX News commentators, right-wing talk radio talkers, and the right blogosphere, were all FOR releasing Bergdahl, until they were against it.

  5. What is your idea, Anny, for dealing with Gitmo? The war is ending, so what to do with the weird jail full of uncharged, untried men? Gas them? Generally, when a war is over, there are prisoner exchanges. Part of the ridiculousness in the conservative response here, is the lack of knowledge of history. John McCain was released in a prisoner exchange. And yes, Dubya released hundreds of Gitmo detainees himself.

    As for Bergdahl, he also has not been charged or tried, and was a POW. We should have just let him die? You don't think if he died in captivity that you wouldn't be screeching for Obama's head for that?

    Where was, by the way, the conservative outrage on Memorial day, when several prominent conservatives were lobbying for Bergdahl's release?

  6. Spoken like a chickenshit that never served, I see. And you obviously failed debate; you cannot introduce speculative evidence.

    Bergdahl was never classified a POW (and who give a fuck if he hasn't been charged yet...there's no statue of limitations on treason and desertion):

    When a war concludes, prisoners are repatriated, not exchanged. McCain was not part of a prisoner exchange:

    Don't even for one second start lecturing people on a lack of knowledge of history.

    And speaking of outrage over Memorial Day, where's your outrage when Chris Hayes spit on the fallen?

    Stay home and build your little strawmen. You still cannot answer why a 5:1 swap is justified, much less why Obama flagrantly broke a law on releasing prisoners from Gitmo. You also cannot answer why Obama hasn't closed Gitmo (much less had military tribunals for the detainees, which should have happened), despite promising to do so years ago.

  7. I'm not going to bother responding point by point to an Anonymous jerk who insults with no provocation, so just bite me.

  8. Jimby to English translation -- "I'm too spineless to respond."

    You were defeated in your lies last month, and you were bested again today.

    Stay out of the kitchen if you can't stand the heat.

  9. You supply no heat. You're a nameless internet troll. I don't give two craps what you think.

  10. If you didn't care what I thought, you wouldn't still be here trying to get the last word.

    Yet another Jimby lie.

  11. And posting factual, on-topic information relevant to the blog subject is hardly trolling. Knowing your propensity for irrational behavior and anger, I will stick with my moniker as is.

    For my safety and yours.

  12. You know, Annie, I post here because Dan is my friend. I don't give a flip about YOU. But it's pretty hilarious that you accuse me of irrational behavior and anger, when you respond with insults and invective with no provocation. I am done with you, however, so continue to make up grade-school, ridiculous names for me, knock yourself out.

  13. Back on topic, I see that Administration flacks are smearing the troops in Bergdahl's unit.

  14. Jimby,

    Then pick up your ball and go home. Nobody's forcing you to stay here. That alone is irrational and overly emotional behavior. Time and time again, you demonstrate that you cannot tolerate criticism of yourself, nor the abysmal Obama administration. When proven wrong, you squirm and whine about attacks. You are a cultist to the bitter end. Seek psychological help. It's not healthy to have such slavish devotion.

    You post horseshit defending a traitor and a pathetic Administration, expect to have a response. Newton's Third Law.