Monday, June 2, 2014

Muslims Thin Skin Wusses And The CAIR Terrorist Thugs

Mohammed the Terrorist

Muslims won't condemn Muslim terrorists but they are sure quick to sue over the littlest things.
From the Chicago Sun Times: An African-American Muslim man says white suburban firefighters deliberately soaked him with the hose on their fire truck — simply because of his faith and race.
Omar Ali, 30, alleges in a federal lawsuit filed Monday that three Tinley Park firefighters who saw him wearing a turban as he walked home past their fire station on the afternoon of May 6 sprayed him, leaving him “in, fear, wetness, discomfort, humiliation and severe emotional distress.”
Accusing the firefighters of a hate crime, the lawsuit states that Ali confronted the unnamed firefighters later that day and that two of them “admitted, on videotape, that they sprayed the Plaintiff with their powerful water hose.”
One told Ali he “didn’t mean to” do it, and “offered to apologize,” and another said they were “just kidding,” the suit alleges.
“The spraying was neither an accident nor a joke, but a purposeful act that was directly related to the plaintiff’s race and/or ethnicity,” it states.
Tinley Park Fire Department did not return calls seeking comment late Monday.
It’s not the first time there have been allegations of anti-Islamic prejudice in the south suburb. Following the 2009 Fort Hood shootings, a woman was charged with a hate crime for allegedly yanking the head scarf of a Muslim woman in a supermarket.
Police in neighboring Orland Park upset some in the Muslim community that same year when they removed an alleged child murderer’s hijab for a mugshot.
I find it hard to believe that firefighters would simply turn a hose on an unsuspecting person for no reason at all.  I don't believe it at all.
If this allegation actually is true, this would be criminal assault.  Were the firefighters charged with a crime?
Were the firefighters fired?
And the guy was wearing turban?  How did the firefighters know he was a muslim instead of a Sikh?  How did the firefighters know he was a muslim?
And, if for some reason  the allegations were true, he suffered wetness.  Ok, well he didn't melt.  Did he catch a cold?
Humilation?  Were there witnesses for him to be humilated?
Severe emotional distress?  What a wuss.
And muslims were pissed that cops pulled off the head scarf of a muslim woman charged with being a child murderer?  I guess they thought that pulling off a scarf of a child murderer is worse than murdering a child I guess.
And speaking of a terrorist group, you have CAIR.  (Council on American-Islamic Relations) They have yet to mention on their web site about the poor little Christian girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria in the name of islam.  They also did not condemn the terrorists taking away the education of these young girls.  Nor did they condemn the forced conversion of these young girls from Christianity to islam.
Finally, these thug terrorists in CAIR have not condemned the jailing of the young pregnant Christian woman in Sudan and the sentencing of her to lashes after she gave birth and the death sentence she received because she refused to convert to Islam.
Islam the religion of thin skinned thugs.


  1. I'm sure President Mom Jeans will have the full force of the Justice Department on their asses promptly.

    Notice how Phil Mickelson made comments about taxes being too high, and suddenly he's a target of "insider" trading accusations?

  2. If an entire community allows itself to be offended 24/7, they are likely to fall back in time, failing to keep up in science, literature, medicine, etc. This could lead to a disconnect with other groups that continue to evolve, and lead to their abject poverty in wealth, mind and soul.

    I sure hope that never happens...