Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ObamaVille Awash In Murders, So, The Mayor Goes On Talk Show

Well, at least Rahm Emmanuel hasn't resorted to "#stopobamavillemurders" yet, but I am sure that will come soon.
From the Chicago Sun Times: Looks like Jimmy Fallon might be headed back to Chicago, if not the chilly waters of Lake Michigan.
On “The Tonight Show” Tuesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel got Fallon to agree to broadcast the NBC late-night chatfest from Chicago if city kids read at least 2.4 million books this summer.
“You could bring the show anytime back to Chicago — it hasn’t been there since 1998,” Emanuel said as if he were cutting a deal at City Hall.

“I’d love to go to Chicago,” Fallon said, shaking hands on it. “Deal.”
So, while people are being shot and killed in Obamaville/Chicago, the mayor is yucking it on a talk show like nothing is going on in his city.
What a pathetic POS, Rahm is.
Maybe when the next teacher or toddler dies, he'll go on Letterman.

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