Monday, June 9, 2014

Questions About The Police Murder Shootings

I have several questions about the tragic police shooting at a Cici's and at Wal-Mart in which 2 cops and a customer were killed.
1.  Why wasn't a medical helicopter called to the scene?  It seems like it would have saved time over an ambulance drive from Stewart and Nellis to UMC at Charleston and just west of Rancho, a drive of about 6 miles or so, driving by city streets.
2.  If white supremacists were involved, why did they go after white police officers?
3.  If they were anti-government federal government, why did they target local cops and Federal employees?
4.  Why did the thugs choose Wal-Mart?  To get to the Wal-Mart, they would have to cross Stewart and make a few turns before they got into the store.  If they went to a Smith's grocery store, it would have been shorter and a straight shot and the store is still a big store, though just a little smaller than the Wal-Mart.  So, why Wal-Mart?
5.  Were these shooters on the radar screen of local or federal police?  They were apparently acting strange in their neighborhood- did the cops know about them?
6.  It is rumored that a person with a concealed carry permit shot at the thugs.  Did that happen and did that help or hurt the situation?
7.  Why did they kill the customer at Wal-Mart and didn't shoot anybody else?
8.  Why did the shooters go to the CiCi's pizza, a pretty far distance from where they live?  It's not like cops hang out at Cici's for lunch all the time.  Further, there are more cops closer to where they live, near the Fremont Street Experience than Stewart and Nellis.  So, why travel all that way to shoot cops who may or may not be at the Cici's?
9.  Finally, why won't let the Las Vegas area Wal-Marts lower their flags in honor of the cops and customer?  I talked to the manager on duty at the store I work at and he said that the corporate office in Arkansas had to make that decision.  Talk about stupidity and shame on Wal-Mart.

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