Monday, November 3, 2014

Hunter Mistakes Man For Squirrel

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I think someone needs glasses along with a hunter safety class.
From the Stevens Point WI. Journal: A hunter on the lookout for squirrels mistakenly shot a bow hunter in the head in western Wisconsin.
According to the Trempealeau County sheriff's department, the hunter saw movement by a tree and, thinking it was a squirrel, fired at it in the Town of Gale.
He then realized it was a bow hunter sitting against a tree. The injured hunter was airlifted to a La Crosse hospital with serious injuries. The sheriff's department didn't immediately release the hunters' names.
I'm not a hunter but I think I could tell the difference between a squirrel and a man, even just a man's head.
And who hunts squirrel with a bow and arrow?  Even if you hit it, you  pretty much can't use the squirrel for meat because the arrow would make the meat useless.
Squirrel karma.

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