Monday, November 3, 2014

The Nice Side Of Sheriff Joe

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From the Arizona Republic:
The 85-pound dog lunged at the gate. Her throaty bark joined the chorus in the concrete hallway.
Karianne Phillips slid the latch and opened the door. She stepped in quickly as if she didn't notice the snarling dog protecting its turf.
Here, amid cells that once held people, are 70-plus dogs and cats that go largely unseen by the public. They, too, are here because of a crime. But they are the victims.
Each of them once had an owner who committed abuse or neglect, or in some way failed to properly care for them. And so the animals end up here.
This is the home of the Maricopa Animal Safe Haven (MASH) Unit, run by Joe Arpaio, America's self-proclaimed toughest sheriff.
Here, amid the concrete and metal, visitors find Arpaio's soft side. When it comes to animals, the sheriff wears his heart on his sleeve as openly as the badge on his chest.
He created an investigative division focused solely on cases of animal abuse and neglect. He's supported ballot initiatives aimed at improving animal welfare.
And since 2000, he's been a driving force behind the MASH unit, an animal shelter where the most hopeless of cases can live without fear of the veterinarian's needle. It is a place duty-bound to be a no-kill shelter, where dogs get their own cell, and cats share quarters and litter boxes.
Thankfully, Sheriff puts his priorities in order: harmless and innocent pets first and thugs 2nd.

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